Your business is our business

Our professional knowledge and experience will benefit your business.

Both are supported by our appropriate professional education and exchange of experience and ideas with other professionals. We act honestly according to ethically “clean” principles within the legal framework. We will make use of all the legal possibilities in your favour. Our working environment caters to the comfort of everyone because we believe this brings about the best and most efficient results. The individual is at the centre of our activities. We make our clients a priority and respect them accordingly. We greatly value a good personal relationship between all our business partners, co-workers, clients, suppliers and authorities.

We now are Expertinum AG:

Example for a client's feedback:

"I miss working with you, and often talk about what a wonderful team we had at Bachmann Treuhand. Haven't found anyone to take your place here!"
Mrs. K.N.

DeutschMember of the Swiss Institute of Certified Accountants and Tax Consultants